Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

My Hubby and I have been thinking a lot lately about moving out of state (Florida). It’s something we’ve both wanted to do for quite some time, but every time the opportunity has presented itself, it just hasn’t felt like the right time.

We have spent a lot of our personal resources and energy fighting this urge to move, trying to create roots in this place where we were both birthed and raised. But it seems that no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, the roots don’t seem to take. The ground beneath us is soft, and more and more, it’s beginning to seem like we haven’t found the right type of soil upon which to build our strong foundation.

So here we are again, another year later, still not one step closer to where we thought we would be, to what we thought we wanted. And here we are again, with a new opportunity to leave. So what do we do? Make the same decision that we’ve continued to make, and possibly find ourselves back in this same place another year down the line? Or do we try something different?

This time, more than ever, we feel that it could be the time to listen to the wind, to follow the breeze, to go in the direction the Universe has been subtly pointing us in. But there’s just one problem…


Hubby is not afraid. This is something that I believe he wants more than anything. To uproot what little footing we have, and just move on, move out, move up.

I on the other hand have been digging my heals down into the Earth, creating deep spaces in which to dwell. And I like my spaces. I like the way I seem to be fitting in at the moment. How the loose soil feels around my ankles and feet. I feel like I could make home here, and I’m afraid to leave.

This is the only soil I’ve ever known. This soil has never done me wrong. And even though the call of the wind is strong, the mud here is thick, and I like the way it feels.

But, I am not the only piece to this puzzle, and I cannot build a strong foundation on my own. If we go, I’ll have all the same tools, and wherever we land, I’ll be able to build. And with my Hubby’s feet rooted in deeply next to mine, I’ll be stronger than ever. We both will.

Stay tuned.

Moving out of your home town

One thought on “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

  1. You know I’d love for you to stay. If you feel this is something that is calling to you both than maybe it is time to try it. You can always come back home if it doesn’t workout. Just make sure it is what you both really want. Also living far away from relatives is hard at times. You’ll want your mom and dad there for some moments, but distance may be an issue.


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