Born A Unicorn

Unicorns Are Real; And I Think You Are One

The problem is not that you are a horse with a spike on your head; the problem is that you are something else entirely, living in a world that doesn’t believe you exist.


What is a Unicorn?

Well, by the worlds definition, a unicorn is a mythical creature that resembles a horse, with a spike protruding from it’s head.

By my definition, a Unicorn is a person who has incredible potential to do and be amazing things, but is often limited and or held back by the closed minded society in which we exist.

A Unicorn is someone who knows him or herself, and what he or she wants, and is someone who’s willing to work for it.

You are probably a Unicorn if…

You meet any or all of the following “criteria:”

  • You often get the feeling that you don’t quite fit in
  • You have big dreams and big ideas that most people don’t seem to understand (or think of as realistic)
  • You feel like people often look at you like you’re crazy
  • You have a hard time accepting certain things that are considered “normal” – like a trapezoidal peg surrounded by round holes.
  • There’s a wildness to you just longing to be freed
  • You’ve asked yourself too many times why you can’t just be “normal”
  • You have a good heart, good intentions, and a lot of love to give
  • You want to help make the world a better and happier place
  • Whether you or anyone else knows it, you are one of the most fucking majestic creatures on this Earth

So what do you think? Are you a Unicorn? There are more of us than you might think, and together, we can help to make this world more like us – magical as fuck.

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