Born A Unicorn

This Is What It’s Like When Your Brain Is Full Of Clutter

Sometimes I feel like my brain is so full, that it’s going to explode. It’s constantly going, going, going.
It stays full from the moment I wake up, until the moment I’m able to fall asleep (which sometimes takes hours). It’s full all night long (with dreams. Sooooo many dreams) and often times it’s full when I wake up, ready to put me to work. Full of things that need to be written down immediately, lest I forget them.

Sometimes my brain is so full that it makes it difficult for me to work, read, or enjoy a walk. It’s distracting – constantly begging for attention, “hey look at me, look at me!”

It’s exhausting. Sometimes I just wish I could shut my brain off; remove it from my skull, and set it aside, so I could rest.

Even now, I’m writing this because my brain kept going back to it. “Don’t ignore this. Write it down. Write it down right now. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.” #iwokeuplikethis

My brain likes to keep busy. That’s normal. Everyone’s brain is busy. But mine is straight up demanding.

I’ve learned a few things here and there for how to deal with my overly active headspace. Yoga helps. Meditation is a godsend. My breath, my heart beat, and my internal sensations are all things that I can focus on to settle my mind.

Writing things down is huge. If my mind is swimming, I can just grab a pen and scribble out the nonsense to alleviate the swell of thoughts that otherwise just circle around and around. It helps create space.

Exercise is great. Getting lost in a game or a really good book. Getting together with friends and having carefree conversations about whatever.

There are plenty of things I can do, but there’s a trick to it. I can easily become obsessive about any of these things I use to help, and when that happens, it makes things worse. So much worse.

What’s it like inside your head? Does your brain feel full? What do you do to manage it? Share a bit of your story in the comments below.

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